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Peninsula Clean Energy has agreed to procure 245MW of power from three California wind projects. The three contracts Peninsula Clean Energy has signed:
  1. Shiloh I: A seven-year extension, through 2030, of an existing 150MW wind project in Solano County with Avangrid Renewables. The current five-year term ends in December 2023.
  2. Voyager II: Eight years, through 2028, with Shell Energy North America (US), for half of the capacity and renewable energy generated by the existing ~130MW wind project near Mojave, CA.
  3. Sky River: Half of the expected 60MW generated for 20 years from this project being repowered by a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources near Bakersfield in Kern County, CA. The project, which will repower an existing facility by replacing 157 existing turbines with 11 new turbines for Peninsula Clean Energy’s portion, is expected to be operational by September 2021.
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