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ONYX InSight has rolled out a monitoring digital platform for BP Wind Energy (BP). The project has seen 10 of BP’s wind farms in the USA, totalling 1.2GW, incorporated into ONYX InSight’s Fleet Monitor platform.
ONYX InSight’s expansion of BP’s monitoring digital platform has been undertaken in three phases. In 2016, 242 wind turbines were integrated into ONYX InSight’s Fleet Monitor platform, then in 2017, 52 additional turbines were added to this platform, having been retrofitted with ONYX InSight’s condition monitoring hardware, ecoCMS. A further 291 turbines are being fitted with ecoCMS and incorporated within Fleet Monitor throughout 2018. With ongoing support from the ONYX InSight team, data and analysis produced by this integrated digital platform is being monitored centrally at BP Wind’s Remote Operations Center in Houston, giving BP an in-depth understanding of drivetrain equipment performance across a fleet that comprises 5 different turbine models and 10 different gearbox makes.
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