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hywind tampen equinorThe Hywind Tampen project is now moving from Stord to the deep-water site at Dommersnes where the concrete slipforming of the spar-substructures will be completed. This week started the transport of the 11 substructures from the Aker Solutions yard at Stord where the first 20 meters have been built to the deep-water site at Dommersnes where the slipforming work will continue to 107,5 meters.
2021 is the year of manufacturing for this pioneer project. Whilst the structures are being built at Stord and Dommersnes, the steel anchors are being welded together at Aker Solutions yard in Verdal. The nacelles, blades and turbine towers will be produced in Europe and shipped to Wergelands base in Gulen. The substructures will be towed to Gulen when the slipforming and mechanical completion work is completed at Dommersnes. In 2022 all the elements will be collected at the site in Gulen and the assembly work will start. Equinor plans to start towing the completed wind turbines to Tampen early summer of 2022 and complete the offshore work by the end of the year. As the operator of Hywind Tampen, Equinor will be responsible for operation and maintenance of the wind farm.
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