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Madeco by Nexans has signed an agreement with Sigdo Koppers Ingeniería y Construcción SA to provide cabling solutions to the Horizonte wind farm. The Horizonte wind farm project, developed by Chilean electric utility Colbun, is located in Chile’s region of Antofagasta.
There will be 840 kilometers of electrical conductors, mainly aluminum medium voltage, which will be produced in collaboration with Nexans Indeco (Peru), one of the Nexans Group plants in the Andean region. Conductor design was optimised based on the requirements of the project, located in the municipality of Taltal, Antofagasta Region. The first deliveries are planned for May 2022. Horizonte is a wind farm that will have an installed capacity of 778 MW. It includes the installation of 140 wind turbines on 8 hectares. The energy generated is to be released onto the National Electric System as of the fourth quarter of 2023.
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