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DP3 vessel Living Stone courtesy Wiwiphoto Ulrich WirrwaDEME Offshore has successfully installed the DolWin6 High Voltage DC (HVDC) cable in the North Sea deploying its DP3 vessel ‘Living Stone’.
‘Living Stone’ picked up the cables directly from the Nexans manufacturing facility in Halden, Norway at the beginning of June and transported them to the offshore site in the German Bight. Living Stone’ has two turntables which enables installing bundled HVDC cables. The HVDC cable pair was bundled together with the fibre optic cable on board ‘Living Stone’ and seamlessly installed. DolWin6 has a transmission capacity of 900 MW and is owned and operated by transmission system operator TenneT. The HVDC cable runs from several offshore wind farms in Germany via Norderney to German mainland.
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