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Siemens Power Generation (PG) is to supply a total of 17 wind energy turbines for three repowering projects in Germany.

Of these, seven wind turbines will be for the Marienkoog project, and seven will be for the Norderhof Wind Park in the North Frisian area, in Schleswig-Holstein. Additionally, three wind turbines are soon to be installed in Bremerhaven. The seven 3.6MW machines for Marienkoog will replace 15 aging wind turbines. The operator of these plants is Buergerwindpark Galmsbuell GmbH. With an installed capacity of over 50MW, this project will be the largest wind farm in Germany when it begins commercial operation scheduled for mid-2007. In addition to the large 3.6MW machines, Buergerwindpark has selected seven 2.3MW wind turbines for Norderhof Wind Park. Also, in Bremerhaven, aging wind turbines are being replaced by new equipment. At the Weddewarden Wind Park three 2.3MW machines, with a rotor diameter of 93 metre and a hub height of 103 metre, are replacing four small units. This will increase the installed capacity from 2MW to nearly 7MW.