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The Government of the Northwest Territories' Department of Infrastructure is exploring the feasibility of using wind turbines and energy storage devices in the Town of Inuvik thanks in part to an investment of CAN$ 950,000 from the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor).

Residents and businesses in the Town of Inuvik face high energy costs as they rely heavily on trucked-in petroleum products from southern Canada. To help lower the use of diesel and reduce greenhouse gas (GHS) emissions, the Department of Infrastructure is conducting a study to determine the possibility of adding one or more wind turbines to the town's electricity grid. CanNor's investment is assisting with the design, engineering and geotechnical work related to the potential installation of commercial size turbines at High Point, located ten kilometers outside of Inuvik. If this renewable energy source is deemed feasible and is implemented in the future, the wind power generated could displace between 18 to 28 per cent of the energy currently produced using diesel.

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