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The first contract encompasses the supply of 50 G114-2.0MW Class S (100MW) turbines at a wind farm located in the Indian state of Karnataka (slated for commissioning in March 2017), while the second covers the supply of 12 turbines of the same make (24MW) at another facility in the same state (slated for commissioning in the middle of this year).

The company also secured another two contracts for the turnkey construction of two wind farms in the state of Rajasthan: one project with capacity of 50MW, where Gamesa will install 25 of its G97-2.0MW turbines, and another one with capacity of 24MW, equipped with 12 of its G97-2.0MW Class S turbines. As these are EPC contracts, the company will also handle all of the infrastructure needed to install and operate the facilities. Both projects are due for commissioning in the fourth quarter of 2016.

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