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Through its subsidiary Gamesa Energía Francia, the company has been granted building permission for the installation of three wind farms in France, with a combined power output of 32MW.
These wind farms are to be furnished with a total of 16 Gamesa model G80 and G87 wind turbines, each providing an output of 2MW. The first wind farm to be built will have an installed power of 8 MW and will consist of 4 wind turbines. It is to be located in Guilberville, in the Manche department. Work is to commence in the summer of 2006, and it will have been fully commissioned by the end of the year. Of the other two wind farms, one is to be located within the municipal boundaries of Nixéville-Blercourt and Les Souhesmes-Rampont, in the Meuse department, with the other spanning the municipalities of Talizat and Rézentières, in the Cantal department. Each one will have a total power output of 12MW, with building scheduled to start between the end of this year and the beginning of 2007.
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