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Seawatch wind LiDAR buoy transfer to vessel New YorkFugro has received a contract renewal from Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind (Atlantic Shores) for the provision of real-time wind and metocean measurements off the coast of New Jersey in the US over the next 2 years.
Along with metocean services, Fugro’s geophysical and geotechnical contracts have also previously been renewed. For the metocean contract, Fugro is utilising two Seawatch Wind Lidar Buoys. The geophysical and geotechnical contracts started earlier this spring and are focused on continued characterisation of the lease area, export cable routes and inter-array cable modules. The fieldwork will run until mid-July and is being performed from five vessels, including two third-party vessels local to New Jersey, equipped with data acquisition and analysis capabilities for near-real-time data processing and geoconsulting.
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