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The Alba survey vessel at Hywind Scotland the trials run by Equinor and Marine Scotland will help promote safe fishing in floating offshore wind farmsEquinor, operator of Hywind Scotland, is collaborating with Scottish Government Directorate Marine Scotland to better understand how fishers can safely operate around and within floating offshore wind farms.
Vessel data has shown that fishers are avoiding the floating offshore wind farm, and Equinor is working closely with Marine Scotland to better understand how fishers can safely fish within a floating wind farm using a variety of techniques. In a survey scheduled at Hywind Scotland for 2022, Marine Scotland will test three kinds of fishing gear; creels, fishtraps and jigging lines. Earlier in June, a trial survey allowed Marine Scotland to test some of the equipment, in preparation for next year’s survey. Whilst not all of these fishing methods are used commercially around Hywind Scotland itself, the purpose is to demonstrate how methods used globally can interact with floating offshore wind farms. The full survey is expected to take place over Q2-3 2022.
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