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Enefit Green made the final investment decision on the construction of the 255MW Sopi-Tootsi Wind Farm in Estonia. Enefit Green also decided to build the 80MW Kelme Wind Farm in Lithuania, which is the first stage of a three-part development project.
The company will invest nearly 450 million euros in these projects over the next two years. The investment in Sopi-Tootsi amounts to 305 million euros and Kelme 1st to 145 million euros. To ensure the necessary funds for the construction of both farms, Enefit Green has concluded long-term power purchase and sale agreements. In addition, Enefit Green has successfully participated in the national tender for 110 gigawatt hours with Sopi-Tootsi Wind Farm. As the next steps, Enefit Green will sign contracts with the builders of both wind farms and with the suppliers of wind turbines. After signing the contracts, preparatory work for construction will begin on both sites. Kelme and Sopi-Tootsi are planned to start production in 2024.
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