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The Estonian Consumer Protection and Technical Supervision Agency (TTJA) has approved the environmental impact assessment (EIA) program of the Saare-Liivi offshore wind farm developed by Utilitas Wind.
The EIA program of the Saare-Liivi offshore wind farm outlines the expected significant impacts of the planned activities, the assessment of these impacts, and the studies necessary to be carried out. As part of the EIA report, impacts on nature, cultural heritage, the social and economic environment, shipping, and air traffic are assessed, and visualisations are carried out.
The EIA program is compiled by the environmental consulting company Roheplaan OÜ in cooperation with Hendrikson & Ko. Utilitas Wind’s goal is that by 2028, the Saare-Liivi offshore wind farm will be operational. In the first stage of the development, approximately 80 wind turbines are planned to be built, with a total capacity of 1,200MW and an expected annual electricity production exceeding 5 TWh.
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