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DONG Energy has signed an Agreement for Lease (AfL) with the Isle of Man Government to carry out preliminary investigations for a potential offshore wind farm in the Irish Sea.

The AfL gives DONG Energy the right to investigate an area approximately 6-12 miles off the east coast of the island to determine its suitability for an offshore wind farm. It will take a number of years to complete these investigations, after which there will be an option to execute a lease with the Isle of Man Government for the seabed over the lifetime of the wind farm, if conditions are suitable. Environmental consent would be needed before a lease is signed with the Isle of Man Government and if conditions are not suitable for an offshore wind farm, DONG Energy will hand the site back to the Isle of Man Government.   Subject to the specific findings of the investigations throughout the development stage, construction activities would be likely to take place post-2020. If the wind farm is constructed, it is likely to be up to approximately 700 megawatts in size.

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