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Vattenfall has awarded Bladt Industries a contract for the fabrication of 41 transition pieces (TP) for the Vesterhav project, 21 units for Vesterhav Nord and 20 units for Vesterhav Syd.
The fabrication is planned to start in the spring of 2022, with delivery planned for early 2023. Each TP will have a height of 22,5 meters and a weight of approximately 260 tons. The fabrication of the TP’s will take place at Bladt Industries’ facilities in Aalborg, Denmark. The Vesterhav Syd and Nord offshore wind farms will consist of 41 wind turbine generators with a total capacity of 350 MW (180 MW on Nord and 170 MW on Syd). The offshore wind farms will both be located 10 km off the West coast of Jutland near Thyborøn (Nord) and Søndervig (Syd) in water depths of approximately 20 meters.
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