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WindGuard Certification provides retrofit for FRT test deviceWindGuard Certification recently completed a reference project with support from Langer E-Technik. On customer behalf, the two companies retro-fitted an existing test device for Fault-Ride-Through (FRT) tests on power generating units such as wind energy turbines and solar plants, energy storage units and combustion engines.
The test equipment enables low voltage and high voltage ride-through (LVRT and HVRT) tests to prove dynamic grid support according to current guidelines such as FGW TR 3 and IEC 61400-21-1 as well as international standards. For this purpose, fault conditions in the public grid are simulated, and the behaviour of the power generating unit is documented. WindGuard Certification and Langer E-Technik have accommodated the entire equipment for performing Fault-Ride-Through (FRT) tests on power generating units in one 40’ container.
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