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At the European Offshore Wind Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, Vestas has announced a new turbine for the offshore market. The V112-3.0 MW offshore model is optimised for the conditions at sea.

It offers an exceptional rotor-to-generator ratio for greater efficiency, and delivers high reliability, serviceability and availability under all wind and weather conditions. It features an extended production envelope, and delivers optimal output in average wind speeds up to 9.5 m/s. The V112-3.0 MW will be class individually IECS certified for each separate offshore project. Vestas also has joined a research programme with Nowitech, Norway, on floating foundations suitable for water depths of more than 30 metres. Marketing of the V112-3.0 MW Offshore will commence now, and the first turbines will be installed in late 2010 and serial delivery in 2011.
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