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Thies Clima has introduced its new handheld data logger called HandyLog. The new HandyLog handheld data logger features measuring, processing and logging of measured data in real-time. It has the ability to display up to six instantaneous readings from the connected sensor on its large LCD. The HandyLog can be used to perform short-term measurements for on the spot site surveys or to check the accuracy of fixed installed sensors in-situ by means of comparison.
The internal rechargeable battery ensures autonomous, continuous measuring for several days. Both the logging interval and the averaging period of the logging are freely selectable. The device can be connected to a PC for charging and data transfer via the inbuilt USB port. The HandyLog can be configured for a wide range of different sensors, and the company offers 4 preconfigured sets for the most common applications:
  • Wind with (calibrated) First Class Anemometer for IEC comply measuring
  • Wind with Compact Anemometer for standard met applications
  • Temperature/Humidity Sensor
  • Solar Radiation Pyranometer
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