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Nordex SE is extending the Generation Delta turbine platform with the N131/3000 for light-wind locations.
The blades of the turbine measure 64,4 metres and the rotor diameter is 14 metres longer than the N117/2400. The turbine has a low operating sound power level. At nominal power, it achieves a sound power level of only 104.5 dB. Nordex is offering the N131/3000 on tubular steel towers with a hub height of 99 and 114 metres for international markets. The target markets for the N131/3000 are Central Europe, Scandinavia, Turkey as well as selected regions in Africa and the Americas. The N131/3000 is based on the technical platform used in Generation Delta. The first three Generation Delta turbines are in operation in Germany and Denmark. In Finland, two further cold-climate turbines were recently installed. The first light-wind N131/3000 turbine is to be installed in the fourth quarter of 2014. Series production of the turbine is scheduled for 2015.
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