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NKT, its supplier and customers have entered into an agreement to use low-carbon copper for the 320 kV HVDC cables, which NKT is delivering to the Dogger Bank C in the North Sea, that is being developed by SSE Renewables, Equinor and Eni Plenitude.
The use of low-carbon copper will reduce the carbon footprint of the HV power cable system. The low-carbon copper cathodes come from the Boliden Aitik mine in Northern Sweden. Vehicles in the mine and the smelters are powered by fossil free electricity and the delivery of copper cathodes is done domestically by electric train from the mine to Elcowire in Helsingborg, which produces the low-carbon copper wires. The manufacturing of the high voltage cables takes place in NKTs factory in Karlskrona in Sweden, which is running on 100 % renewable electricity. Installation of the cable system at Dogger Bank C in the North Sea will be done by NKT Victoria.
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