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GL Garrad Hassan has developed a wind resource map of Great Britain as part of its global resource mapping range. The maps use Mesoscale Compressible Community (MC2) modelling results applied to a microscale flow model in order to predict wind speeds at hub heights of 50 m and 80 m, at 100 m resolution, and are used by individual developers and larger industrial clients.

The Mesoscale model was run at 5km resolution with a fixed number of climate states, defined by a global database of geostrophic weather statistics based on reanalysis hindcast data. The results have been used to initiate a linear micro-scale (local) wind flow model. This microscale flow model has been run across the entire land mass of Scotland, England and Wales. Maps at a resolution of 100 meter are available electronically in various formats for specific sites, regions or Great Britain in its entirety and wind roses are available to indicate wind direction across the map.
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