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win win joint industry project‘WIN WIN’ (WINd powered Water INjection) was conceived in 2013 by DNV GL and is now ready for prototype development after two joint industry projects have shown the concept to be both cost efficient and technically feasible. Water injection is an effective tool in exploiting oil reserves, but the process is often inhibited by the high costs associated with large gas or diesel generators and complicated subsea infrastructure. 
By using a floating wind turbine, the WIN WIN concept allows the injection system to operate independently, eliminating the need of long flowlines from the platform. DNV GL has worked with oil and gas companies since 2015 to bring the ‘WIN WIN’ concept to prototype readiness. The first phase of research explored the techno-economic feasibility of the wind powered water injection, while, the recently-completed second stage involved proof-of-concept lab tests. In the latest round of research, DNV GL conducted a joint industry project (JIP) with funding provided by ExxonMobil and Vår Energi AS.
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