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GH Garrad Hassan launched WindHelm Portfolio Manager for the North American market. WindHelm provides a single platform for the monitoring, optimization and control of any combination of operational turbines, farms and portfolios.

Operators can access "near real time" data from any web browser, and alerts can be sent out via email, mobile phone or pager. In this configuration, no extra equipment or software is required at the project site. WindHelm is fully compatible with any SCADA system with an ODBC/OPC interface, including all existing GH SCADA systems. It provides summary and detailed operational reports, including power curves, availability, meteorological data, faults/events, efficiency, and actual vs. expected production. Forensic analysis and data trending is available at the turbine, project and portfolio level. WindHelm supports reporting for NERC's Generating Availability Data System, both for individual wind farms and across entire wind portfolios.
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