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Hexion Stuttgart has introduced the Hexi-Bag packaging system, a new large volume resin package designed specifically for the wind energy industry. The new packaging format was developed for Hexion’s epoxy adhesive resins and associated hardeners and provides wind blade manufacturers with several efficiencies and cost advantages.

The Hexi-Bag capacity of 900-1,000 liters is approximately five times larger than the standard barrel, addressing the large volumes of resin required to produce rotor blades. In addition, use of the Hexi-Bag reduces residual material in the packaging to less than one per cent, versus the 5 to 10 per cent waste associated with traditional packaging. Hexion Stuttgart has entered into an exclusive partnership with the Finnish company Fluid-Bag to provide its customers with an appropriate transfer station for material change. Hexi-Bag was used for the first time by Carbon-Rotec, an independent manufacturer of rotor blades for wind turbines and components made of composite materials.

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