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The Halo 6.0 turbineHalo Energy, a micro wind turbine manufacturer, is now in production of its shrouded wind turbines, with their first 10 commercial units scheduled for delivery in Q2 2019. The Halo-6.0 turbine, designed to address the energy requirements of the expanding off-grid telecom tower market worldwide, has a rated capacity of 6 kW.
The first commercial unit will be delivered to an Alaskan telecommunications company, whose network of remote cell towers grows and desires to eliminate dependency on diesel generators. Derived from jet engine technology, Halo Energy’s design utilises two closely-coupled, convex shrouds that encircle the turbine blades. The turbine acts as a passive pump, pulling air over the blades. The Halo-6.0 wind turbine with a 3.7-meter diameter is mounted directly to telecommunications towers and contains only two moving parts. The blade pitch is fixed and the turbine passively aligns itself into the prevailing wind. The turbine is designed to integrate seamlessly with solar energy and battery storage solutions.
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