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In recent weeks Gamesa has begun to market its new maintenance product, Gamesa Premium Availability (GPA). The first units are to be installed in nine wind farms from French, Danish and Spanish clients in France and Spain with aggregate capacity of 192MW at which the company holds the O&M contracts.

The new GPA is the result of two years’ work analysing and studying how to increase the availability of the company’s 2MW turbines with a view to making the G8X-2.0MW fleet and the new G9X-2.0MW platform more competitive. The GPA lowers wind farm OPEX (Operating Expenditures) by up to 10% and aims at making the turbines available 99% of the time. The new GPA is being built into all new Gamesa wind turbines and into the existing fleet through specific upgrade packages. Gamesa expects to have the GPA definitively certified by GH & DNV this autumn.
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