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Enerpac Wind Turbine Milling MachineEnerpac has announced an upgrade to its Wind Power Milling Machine for manufacturing turbine blades. The Enerpac Wind Power Milling Machines is developed specifically for machining the root end of turbine blades.
The Milling Machine has a tolerance and accuracy for surface finish of 1.6 – 3.2 Ra and flatness tolerance of 0.05 mm. To handle bigger blades, the Milling Machine features an base clamp design to prevent blade damage and distortion, offering self-centering, quick-mount capability for machining blade sizes from 1.8m to 6m Bolt Circle Diameter. The Milling Machine system consists of machine, base, trolley system, and power unit and is designed for machining large metal flanges and can be configured and customised for milling flanges on wind turbine towers and transition pieces.