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Lidar measurement in complex terrainDeutsche WindGuard has introduced a solution to allow the standalone use of wind lidar ZX 300 in complex terrain. The new ZX Complex Flow Solver (ZX CFS) is the result of a joint development with ZephyScience, supported by ZX Lidars.
Fully based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD), ZX CFS identifies, quantifies and resolves the relative differences between lidar and cup anemometer measurements witnessed in complex terrain. In complex, non-benign terrain, the assumption of homogeneous flow conditions within the measurement volume introduces differences between lidar and cup anemometer. The Complex Flow Solver algorithm developed by Deutsche WindGuard is optimised for ZX Lidars’ wind field reconstruction. Incorporating results from a high-resolution CFD model, it derives a set of conversion factors. Applied to the volume-based wind data from Continuous Wave Lidar ZX 300, which samples 50 measurements points per second, these conversion factors produce single point measurements equivalent to those of a cup anemometer installed at the same location. ZX CFS also provides guidance on where to install the lidar initially to achieve the lowest possible uncertainties.
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