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Bachmann has launched a new product for pure web visualisations on the market called M1 webMI pro. A slimline web server that is directly installed on the M1 controller enables the connection of any visualisation devices, such as tablets and smart phones but also operator terminals.
Provided the necessary authorizations are in place, the application can now be accessed from any point in the world. The integration in the controllers of Bachmann offer a flicker-free display and hundreds of animated graphic elements can be implemented, even with data refresh rates of well below 100 ms. M1 webMI pro also offers all the important functions of a visualisation solution such as automatic alarming, the storing of trend values, trend analysis, user management and multi-lingual functionality. Special requirements placed on the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) or changes to the standard behavior of functions can be implemented using client-based Java scripts.
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