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The Windvogel is a cooperative association in the Netherlands whose goal is the promotion and generation of renewable energy. It contributes to this by building new wind turbines, by purchasing and operating existing turbines, and by installing solar photovoltaic units. The cooperative has now launched the idea of creating a sustainable energy supply for all Dutch citizens using a thousand 7.5MW wind turbines. (image courtesy Windvogel)

Publisher's Note


Self-Supply of Electricity
By Frits Ogg, Renewable Energy Consultant, The Netherlands

New IEC3A Wind Turbines
By Bernard Chabot, Consultant & Trainer on Renewable Energy, BCCONSULT, France

Interaction Between Wind Turbine Control and Power System Harmonics
By Grazia Todeschini, EnerNex, USA


Into Deep Waters
By Sarah Azau , European Wind Energy Association, Belgium

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