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While there are federally mandated guidelines in the USA for securing people working on surfaces 4 feet (1.22 metres) or more from the ground, there are no such requirements for securing tools. In the article on page 6, John Martell discusses why organisations need to implement some type of tethered tool programme in the interests of safety. The image on the cover shows a technician who stands outside on top of a nacelle using tethered tools to adjust a wind sensor on a wind turbine.

Publisher's Note


Drop Prevention Systems for Tools
By John Martell, Product Manager, Snap-on Industrial, USA

Geophysical Site Characterisation
By Daniel Kramer, Environmental Division Manager, Neil O. Anderson & Associates, USA

Taller Towers and their Impact
By Sarah Gustitus, environmental engineering student, University of Florida, USA
By Alicia Abrams, Consultant, DNV KEMA, USA

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