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The Lux turbine is a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) using six blades, which does not need the support of a central structure or tower. Instead, cables or beams are attached to the blades travelling from blade to blade forming the shape of a hexagon. The cables cross each other at the mid-point between each blade, forming triangular shapes. This pattern provides rigidity to the rotor and closely resembles the geodesic dome, thus ‘building more with less’.

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Global wind market rebounds in 2014


Harnessing In-Tunnel ‘Wind’ Energy
By Norman H. Holley, COO, WWT Tunnel, USA

The Lux Wind Turbine
By Glen Lux, CTO/Manager and Founder, Lux Wind Power, Canada

How to Be More Confident About Uncertainty
By Matthew Hendrickson, Vice President of Energy Assessment, and Francesca Davidson, Marketing Manager, Vaisala Inc. (formerly 3TIER), USA


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