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The contemporary trend is to carry out quality inspection on rotor blades in vertical orientation. FORCE Technology recently announced their vertical blade scanners for automated ultrasonic NDT inspection. A couple of different concept are available and commercialised. On page 7 you can read more about automated scanning for quality assurance.

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A preview of the global on- and offshore expo


Innovations in Turbine Blade Inspection
By Morgan Troedsson, Product Manager, FORCE Technology, Denmark

Smart Bolting Tools for the Wind Power Industry
By Marcel Birkhoff, General Manager, RAD Torque Systems BV, The Netherlands

Surface Roughness Modelling for Wind Turbine Blades
By Chris Langel, Raymond Chow and C.P. van Dam, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California, Davis, USA

Understanding Ensemble Prediction
By Dr Sue Ellen Haupt and Dr Luca Delle Monache, National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA


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