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Inspection of marine foundation structures and the immediate surrounding seabed is technically challenging, time-consuming and costly. Subsea inspection techniques draw more on the technology and procedures of other offshore sectors than on those of onshore wind. MarynSol (see page 7) is working to introduce viable, cost-effective solutions to the autonomous inspection of marine foundation structures, from seabed to splash zone.

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German market faces difficult times and competition for offshore wind OEMs becomes fiercer


Autonomous Inspection of Offshore Turbine Marine Structures
By Jonathan Evans, Director, MarynSol, UK

What Your SCADA Data Does Not Tell You
By Carlos Gonzalez, Technical Director, Renewable Dynamics, Scotland

New Poul la Cour Tunnel at DTU Risø
By Nicholas Gaudern, Chief Technical Officer, Power Curve, Denmark

Enabling a Predictive Maintenance Revolution
By Christopher Gray, CEO, i4SEE TECH, Austria

Windtech Future

A New Offshore Wind Turbine Drive-trains Promises Power Ratings up to 16MW
By Philip Totaro, CEO of IntelSor, USA

View from Inside

China Playing Catch-up in Offshore Turbine Technology
By Feng Zhao, Strategy Director, Global Wind Energy Council


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