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In the article on page 7, Sulzer & Schmid Laboratories, a Swiss company developing technology solutions for the inspection of wind turbine rotor blades, explains how drone-based technology platforms suitable for large-scale, multi-gigawatt blade inspection campaigns require a specific set of characteristics that will provide the level of scalability and deployability needed to succeed.

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Husum Wind 2019


Drone-Based Technology Platforms
By Tom Sulzer, CEO and Co-Founder, Sulzer & Schmid, Switzerland

Blade Aerodynamic Performance Upgrades
By Nicholas Gaudern, Chief Technical Officer, Power Curve, Denmark

The Business of Concrete Foundations
By David McFeeters-Krone and Chris Fernandes, RUTE Foundation Systems, USA

Connectors Simplifying Switch Cabinet Construction
By Carsten Edler, Industry Segment Manager Wind Energy, Harting Electric, Germany

Windtech Future

A New Offshore Wind Turbine Drive-trains Promises Power Ratings up to 16MW
By Philip Totaro, CEO of IntelSor, USA

View from Inside

Will Consolidation Thwart Innovation in Renewables?
By André Moura, Founder and CEO of Pro-Drone and an EIT InnoEnergy CommUnity Advisory Board Member


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