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Dynamic rotor geometry measurement (DRGM), developed by windcomp between 2008 and 2010, is a method for the verification of the aerodynamic condition and the aeroelastic behaviour of a wind turbine rotor and the turbine tower system. On page 7 you can read the full article about it.

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Ten years of the latest technological developments


Dynamic Rotor Geometry Measurement
By J. Dietrich Mayer, Managing Director, windcomp, Germany

The OWTEP Concept
By Mr Daniel Buhagiar and Prof. Ing. Tonio Sant, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Malta

Seismicity and Earthquake Hazards
By Daniel E. Kramer, Petralogix Engineering, and Garret Hubbart, Neil O. Anderson & Associates, USA


The Premiere of WindEnergy Hamburg


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