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US wind energy continued to rebound in the second quarter, with 2,151MW of electrical generating capacity installed in the first half of 2011 versus 1,250MW during the same time in 2010, up 72 per cent.

However, analysts at the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) cautioned that without stable policy such as an extension of the Production Tax Credit, set to expire in 2012, the industry’s recovery will stall. Project activity and orders for 2013 and beyond are scant because of the lack of a predictable business environment, causing layoffs and even bankruptcies in American manufacturing plants and the supply chain, said AWEA. An additional 7,354MW of new capacity was under construction by July 1, more than at any time since the third quarter of 2008. In total the US industry during the second quarter installed 1,033MW of electrical generating capacity versus 709MW during the same period last year.
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