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There will be a 6-fold increase of wind generation in New Zealand, producing 20% of the country’s electricity by 2030. This is a big increase on the 5% of electricity generated by wind in 2012.

A report ‘Wind Energy 2030: the growing role for Wind Energy in New Zealand’selectricity system’, looks at the relative costs of all major forms of electricity generation and potential for future growth. It comes to the conclusion that, while all forms of renewable generation will grow to meet increasing demand, wind energy is poised for the biggest increase. In 2030 wind capacity will be 3,500MW, up from 622MW. At 3,500MW, wind farms will cover 0.4% of New Zealand mostly sharing that land area with traditional farming. Turbines, roads and electricity infrastructure associated with wind farms will occupy just 0.003%. The wind industry will create 1,500 jobs by 2030, many in rural areas. Wind farm leasing will be a helpful form of revenue for many farmers - delivering over $10 million in annual lease payments by 2030.
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