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Representatives from Spanish and Norwegian Administrations, technology centers and companies attended a demonstration of tests carried out in the El Pardo Hydrodynamics Experimental Channel (CEHIPAR). The tests are on the design of floating structures that can support offshore wind turbines.

The tests developed in CEHIPAR are part of the European HiPRWind project, carried out by Acciona together with around twenty other companies and technology centers from eight European countries. The objective is to find technological solutions for high-capacity offshore wind turbines on floating structures that will enable their installation in deep water. The result of the tests in the channel will be decisive for the next phase of the project, which involves the installation of a floating platform anchored to the seabed equipped with a 1.5MW Acciona Windpower turbine. The scale model used in the tests is approximately 1:10 for future offshore wind turbines of more than 10MW. The first floating wind turbine to be installed in Spain is expected to be operational in the second semester of 2013. It will be placed 100 meters above the seabed on the Cantabrian Sea.
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