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When it comes to wind energy corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs), Scandinavia is ahead of the rest of Europe. In the first half of 2018, Norway and Sweden saw corporate wind PPAs signed totalling almost 1.4GW, a figure equal to the all the corporate PPAs signed in Europe in the whole of 2017.
This is according to the findings outlined by A Word About Wind in the latest report in its Finance Quarterly series, called Europe’s PPA Revolution. A key focus of this edition is the Scandinavian market, and particularly the question of just how countries like Sweden and Norway have managed to attract heavyweight corporate buyers, such as Facebook and Alcoa, to sign PPAs of such significance. According to A Word About Wind’s analysis, three main reasons lie behind Scandinavia’s PPA success: demand from data centre operators, stability and cost. The financially focused, quarterly investor report series provides an insight into M&A transactions, data on the most notable deals of the past three months, economic country forecasts and investment analysis, four times a year.
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