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Wind industry intelligence service A Word About Wind, in association with independent investment bank and financial advisor Marathon Capital, has launched its Emerging Markets report, which provides detailed analysis and insight into the most attractive emerging markets for wind companies in 2017. In particular, the report features an Emerging Markets Attractiveness Index, which analyses a range of factors in ranking the top 20 markets to be considered when investing in wind in Asia, Africa or Latin America.

China, Chile and India are top of the list, with Mexico and Ethiopia rounding out the top five. Investors in wind are increasingly looking to transition from mature markets in North America and Europe to those where the potential for a more attractive risk-to-return ratio is greater. As a result, there are a host of factors that firms in wind must consider when identifying the most suitable emerging markets in which to invest, including GDP, legal and regulatory frameworks, and the supply chain. However, in the absence of in-depth familiarity with these markets, it can be difficult for investors to identify the most promising prospects for investment. The Emerging Markets report therefore seeks to assess which of the burgeoning wind markets offer investors the best balance between manageable risks and significant returns. In addition to its Attractiveness Index, the report also features insights from Vaisala on the wind resources in key countries in Asia, Africa and South America, and a range of in-depth interviews and expert opinion from those operating in these markets.

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