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According to preliminary statistics published by WWEA, the world market for wind turbines reached another record in 2021 with wind turbines with a total capacity of 97,5 Gigawatt installed around the globe, after 92,7 Gigawatt in 2020.
The overall capacity of all wind turbines worldwide has now exceeded 840 Gigawatt (after 742,5 Gigawatt in 2020), enough to provide more than 7% of the global power demand. This equals a growth rate of 13%, compared to 14% one year earlier and 10% in 2019.
According to preliminary figures from China, the country alone installed 55,8 Gigawatt in 2021, once again beating its own record of 2020 when 52 Gigawatt were installed. This is equivalent to a growth of 19,4%. China has now 344 Gigawatt of wind turbines installed across the country.
The US as the world’s number 2 market saw robust growth of 12,5 Gigawatt, although substantially less than in 2020 when almost 17 Gigawatt were added. The installed wind power capacity in the US is now close to 135 Gigawatt. 
Brazil has turned out as the world’s third largest market for new wind turbines and showed 18,6% growth, adding 3,4 Gigawatt in one year. This makes the country the undisputed wind power leader in South America, with an overall wind power capacity of 21,4 Gigawatt. 
The European markets show diverse developments: While the United Kingdom (2,6 Gigawatt) and Sweden (2,2 Gigawatt) achieved new installations of more than 2 Gigawatt and Germany slightly improved with 1,7 Gigawatt of net additions, although still far below 2017/2018, several European markets underperformed in 2021. Sweden entered the top ten wind markets as newcomer, with now 12 Gigawatt of overall wind capacity. 
The second largest Asian wind power nation, India, reached a milestone of over 40 Gigawatt of total capacity, however, the country is behind its targets and added around 1,5 Gigawatt in the calendar year 2021. Ambitious national targets for wind power indicate that strong growth can be expected in the near future.
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