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As many as 20,000 jobs would be created with the development of the 3,200MW of utility-scale wind generation currently permitted in Illinois, according to the report “Investing in Illinois” and released by the Illinois Wind Energy Association (IWEA), American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), and Wind on the Wires (WOW).

The study highlights why any major energy bill passed this year must include provisions that accelerate development in Illinois of clean, affordable, homegrown renewable energy. Using the U.S. Department of Energy’s Job and Economic Development Impact model, the report finds that if all 3,200MW of the current permitted wind projects were developed in Illinois, the state would likely:
  • create over 19,000 new jobs in construction, manufacturing and maintenance in the near term;
  • generate more than $930 million in construction wages and $34 million in annual operations and maintenance wages;
  • produce over $32 million in annual local taxes, approximately 70 percent of which would go directly to local school districts;
  • generate over $9 million in annual lease payments to Illinois farmers and landowners; and
  • spur millions of dollars in orders for local supply chain companies working in tower and gear manufacturing, transportation, engineering and materials services.
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