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The global offshore wind industry delivered its second-best year for new capacity ever in 2022, with 8.8 GW of new clean energy connected to the grid around the world, according to the new Global Offshore Wind Report 2023 from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).
The report forecasts that 380 GW of new offshore wind will be built by 2032, nearly half of which will come from the Asia-Pacific region. The size of the potential in the APAC region, combined with the number of new countries turning to offshore wind for their energy needs, marks the next frontier for offshore wind. More than 180 GW capacity has been identified in the region outside of China, with Australia alone accounting for more than 50GW.

The Global Offshore Report 2023 also points to the risks of inadequate policy frameworks and too timid approaches: while increasing its forecast for APAC, the near-term forecast for Europe and North America has been downgraded by 17% due to delays caused by permitting and other regulatory issues, while supply chain bottlenecks are a risk for every region except China. On the other hand, longer-term forecast offers hope with the prospect of strong growth from 2028 to 2032.
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