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The Norwegian Government announced that they will hold the country’s first offshore wind auction in the second half of 2022. The auction will have a total capacity of 1.5 GW.
The country’s first offshore wind auction is for the first half of the Southern North Sea 2 zone. The auction will be technology-specific and award up to 1.5 GW of bottom-fixed offshore wind capacity. the electricity will be used to power up to 460,000 households in mainland Norway and the government decided against a hybrid offshore wind farm, with grid connections to two or more countries.
The Government will auction the other 1.5GW of the Southern North Sea 2 zone in a second development phase.  This second zone could then be a hybrid offshore wind farm and supply power to the European continent. Norway also aims to tender off 1.5GW in the separate Utsira North zone, an area that will be dedicated to floating offshore wind but it is unclear when the government will hold the auction for this zone.
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