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According to a report published by the British Wind Energy Association (BWEA), by 2010 the onshore wind industry will generate 50% more electricity than previously predicted, and will have installed 6,000MW of wind power capacity, generating almost 5% of the UK’s electricity supply and delivering nearly half of the government’s 2010 renewable energy target.

The report takes into account potential barriers such as the planning process, decision-making and grid capability, to provide the most realistic assessment of onshore wind’s contribution to the energy mix by 2010. The results show that 2006 is a record year for the UK wind industry with 665MW scheduled for completion by year end. Combined with currently operating capacity and existing consents, a total of 3,000MW is already confirmed for delivery by 2010. This new research identifies a further 3,000MW that is forecast to be consented and built by 2010, bringing the total to 6,000MW.
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