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The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) have announced the funding of Maxfarm, a three-year project to improve the reliability, lifespan and efficiency of offshore wind farms.

The consortium includes researchers from Imperial College London’s Department of Aeronautics alongside other academic institutions and a number of commercial partners. MAXFARM aims to build an integrated multi-scale approach to the computational modelling of wind farms. Better computer models will inform future operational decisions to maximize power output and the operational life of these facilities. The ultimate goal of the project is reducing the cost of generating energy from offshore wind. This will require expertise in many areas to create a proper holistic view of the problem. This collaborative project has researchers with expertise in aerodynamics, meteorology, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The group also includes partners from the commercial sector to combine the academic rigour with commercial nous. Maxfarm will start in November 2015 with nearly £1.5M funding from EPSRC.

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