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Fred Olsen WindbaseThe O&M simulation was performed in collaboration with a developer and based on the indicative layout of a 100, 200 and 300 turbine offshore wind project in the UK. Three scenarios with different marine logistics combinations were modelled

The three base scenarios were:

  1. A single service operation vessel (SOV) with on-board accommodation and access to a helipad
  2. Two walk-to work-vessels (converted platform supply vessels) working alongside an offshore accommodation platform
  3. Three large 30 metres crew transfer vessels (CTVs) working alongside an offshore accommodation platform

All three scenarios included the use of a helicopter for troubleshooting and additional CTVs over the summer period for scheduled maintenance. The met ocean data was taken from weather observations over 18 years (February 1994 and January 2012). The key finding of the simulation, which used a maintenance strategy with specific work order priorities, emergency response time limits and two types of technicians, was that time availability was highest in the third scenario, that of a fixed offshore accommodation platform being used in partnership with larger CTVs.

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