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New analysis from GWO and GWEC finds that global wind power expansion will require 568,800 technicians to work on the construction, installation, operations and maintenance of wind assets by 2026.
The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) and Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) have published their latest joint report forecasting the numbers of wind technicians required over the next five years. The Global Wind Workforce Outlook 2022-2026 report reveals a 33% growth in the number of wind technicians needing standard industry training: up from 426,700 in 2021 to 568,800 by 2026.  The Global Wind Workforce Outlook 2022-2026 highlights an urgent need for faster growth in safety and technical training capacity to meet the current gaps in supply. The report demonstrates a significant opportunity for up to 450,000 technicians to complete their industry standard, GWO training during the next five years. With 80% of these 450,000 technicians required in seven countries: China, USA, India, Brazil, Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea, growth in these markets will be particularly notable.
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