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For the past year, an EU-funded feasibility study has investigated the possibility of local Power-to-X production of green fuels on Bornholm. Behind the study is a group led by Port of Roenne A/S and a number of local and national actors, including the Regional Municipality of Bornholm, Ramboll, Topsøe, Ørsted, BEOF and DTU.
The purpose of the study was to investigate the basis for a production of green fuels on Bornholm. Production of Power-to-X fuels has become relevant in connection with the establishment of the Energy Island Bornholm, where a minimum of three GW of offshore wind will be installed, as well as established energy connections to Zealand and Germany.
The main conclusions of the Power-to-X report include:
  • Power-to-x production on Bornholm is possible in connection with the establishment of the energy island
  • There is plenty of wastewater available on Bornholm, even for a large Power-to-x plant. Neither groundwater nor seawater will therefore be necessary to use in a possible Power-to-X process
  • There is a market for green fuels locally, and it is expected that there will be a rapidly growing market for maritime traffic
  • There are opportunities to make sector coupling and utilize waste heat from a Power-to-X plant for district heating
  • Waste heat from a Power-to-X plant can also be used for new businesses on Bornholm
  • Oxygen from a Power-to-X plant can be used to treat our wastewater through, for example, symbiosis between wastewater and Power-to-X production
  • A Power-to-X plant can help balance the energy system
The study does not make specific suggestions for the location of a Power-to-X plant but has prepared a guideline for potential developers with input to finding a location of a possible Power-to-X plant on Bornholm.
The project has looked at the production of ammonia and hydrogen, but in the coming months will also investigate whether it is also possible to establish a production of methanol, which is the green fuel that many ships begin to sail on.
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